South Sudanese Pastors Fellowship in Kenya

The South Sudanese Pastors’ fellowship in Kenya was initiated on 9th June 2018 in Nairobi by His grace The Most Rev. Moses Deng Bol, Archbishop of Northern Bahr El Ghazal Internal Province and Bishop of the Diocese of Wau and Bishop John Jock Chol of the Diocese of Akobo, to enhance unity, love and collaboration among South Sudanese pastors.

Archbishop Deng and Bishop Jock called the South Sudanese pastors at St Luke Parish on 9th June 2018 for a meeting to share the idea and agree on how the fellowship can be organized.  The idea was welcomed by all the Pastors who attended the meeting because they all acknowledged that all South Sudanese congregations attend prayer meetings in their mother tongues and so there was no opportunity for people from different tribes to meet and fellowship together.  This has made it very difficult for South Sudanese to know one another and to build trust, confidence and unity among themselves.

It was therefore agreed that all South Sudanese Pastors in Kenya will be attending a Sunday Service in one of their Parishes on the first Sunday of every Month in order to promote unity among pastors of different denominations and tribes with a hope that such a unity will trickle down to their congregations. Rev Wesley Natana was nominated as Coordinator of the fellowship assisted by Rev Samuel Mabith Madut.

The first fellowship took place at a Dinka congregation on Sunday 1st July 2018 at ACK St Gertrude Parish, Kasarani and was attended by Most of the South Sudanese Pastors in Nairobi. The fellowship was also attended by Mr. Karobia Njogu and Madam Lucy Ochieng from Church Mission Society (CMS)-Africa. The preacher was Bishop John Jock Chol and the sermon was based on love in John 3:16.

The second fellowship took place on 5th August 2018 with Nuer congregation in Donholm and was also attended by most of the South Sudanese Pastors in Nairobi and Mr Karobia Njogu and Henry Mwiniki from CMS-Africa. The Preacher was the Most Rev Moses Deng Bol and the sermon was based on the principles of Equality in Geneses 1:26-27, Justice, Fairness and Equity based on the great commandment in Mathew 22:37-40 and Forgiveness based on the Lord’s Prayer in Mathew 6:12.

It was agreed the 3rd Fellowship will take place with the Moro congregation at ACK Holy Trinity Parish in Kibera on 2nd September 2018 and the preacher will be Bishop Thomas Tut of the Diocese of Ayod.

South Sudanese youth and women in Kenya have also organized themselves into the South Sudanese Christian Youth Fellowship and Women’s Prayer Group respectively.  It was therefore agreed that people from the Dinka and Nuer congregations will attended the fellowship with the Moro congregation in September.

The movement of the pastors and Bishops to different congregations has already created a sense of unity among South Sudanese in Nairobi. We are therefore hoping that this fellowship will soon be started among the South Sudanese congregations in other towns of Kenya such as Nakuru, Eldoret, Kitale and Kakuma and Dadab Refugee camps.

The main challenge to the movement is the lack of funds to enable the Pastors to travel to the above mentioned towns in order to organize such fellowships there as well.      


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