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The emblem of TEUIn 2011 Archbishop Daniel Deng Bul commissioned a feasibility study for the Episcopal Church of Sudan and South Sudan in relation to the establishment of a Christian foundation university in the province. The study was carried out by two education experts from the UK,  Dr Ruth Eade and Dr Eeva John, who visited South Sudan and gathered views from potential stakeholders, assessed potential sites and made recommendations about the next steps for the establishment of a Christian foundation university.

The study recommended that ECSS&S should establish a geographically dispersed model of university using the present structures of the church’s higher education institutions, each specialising in one or two subjects. The study recommended the establishment of a foundation programme that prepared secondary school leavers for higher education at university level.

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On 01/08/2018 the TEU team and the Com-munity of Mononyik (CM), Rejaf West met to discuss the issue of the land. The meeting went on well.  Both sides agreed to develop the terms of agreement between TEU and the CM. The first draft of the agreement which was developed by the TEU lawyers Mr. Ben-jamin Sogora and Mr. Boniface Wango had been discussed on 21st August. The document had gone for the second reading and studies by the CM’s (land donor) lawyers and will be discussed before producing the final document for the two sides to sign. The members of TEU and CM are yet to meet again to dis-cuss any changes, corrections and amend-ments by the CM. After this then the commit-tee which was put together by TEU and CM will make a formal request to the Rejaf Coun-ty Commissioner for approval before submit-ting the whole document to the Ministry of Physical infrastructure to grant TEU a full land deeds. We request for prayers that these processes will go smoothly and that TEU will receive full ownership of the land. 



The TEU team has been working very hard in the curriculum development. This was one of the requirements needed by the Ministry of Higher Education (MoHE). It has developed Bishop Gwynne College (BGC) curriculum. It is BGC curriculum that will be submitted to the MoHE for the purpose of inspection and assessment.  The expectation is that after the assessment the MoHE will issue the Provi-sional License for TEU to launch. However, a major work is still needed to develop one sig-nal Curricula which is the combination of all other colleges curriculum. The idea is that all the colleges should share the same curricula for different subjects and levels. Currently the five first starting colleges had their own curriculums (Kajo –Keji, Chaima, Renk, St. John’s and BGC). The plan is that when the university is launched, the University Gov-erning Council and the Senate are established; all those varied curricula should be reviewed and developed into one single TEU curricula for all the colleges. This requires an expertise together with the Principals and the academic deans to write up the harmonised curricula. Please, pray that the resources are made available to enable this major work accom-plished. Also pray that TEU will find good curriculum development expert to support and help it completed the work in shorter and quickest time possible.



In any organization there are always HR poli-cies to direct and support the workers, TEU has already taken a step to develop a manual for these polices. Currently, the first draft that covers wider range of HR policies has been developed and is under review and study. In the mean times another separate manual for the finance and procurement policies is being processed. We hope it will be out soon. Pray for more financial support that will help us print several copies for the staff. 



The overall financial aspect of the TEU has been good. We want to thank everyone who has been standing with us financially special-ly the ECSSSUP (Episcopal Church of South Sudan & Sudan University Partnership) our charity group in the UK. The group through support from friends and well wishers such as St. Mary’s Church, Stoke Bishop in Bristol are able to pay salaries for seven staff, rent the university project office, buy computers for 4 staff, and meet administrative running cost for the fuel for both the car and the gen-erator. We are very grateful for this enormous support. Give thanks to God for this generous financial provision that help us reached this far. May God bless each and every person that supported us!


Quick-book, Computer and Furniture  

Beside the steady monthly wages, we recently received some money from ECSSSUP, which enabled us buy a computer and a quick book to our Admin and Finance officer. He is cur-rently undertaking training on the quick book to put our financial system in order. Also we got small donation from a church in America, it helped us buy additional furniture for our office, although we still need more furniture. Give thank to God for this great achievement. TEU is going to have a good financial system to manage it finances. Also our visitors for official duties can have somewhere to sit be-fore seeing a staff. 



Soon TEU may be required to pay money in the processing of the land legal documents. Currently, the lawyers are working on various legal documents, the university chapter, the terms of agreement between TEU and CM. These all require money. The project officer will soon come out with budget projection to accomplish this. 

TEU has so many activities to implement but some time due to lack of enough funds it is slowing down the work. Hence, it causes de-lay. Pray that enough seed funding are se-cured.



On 12/8/2018 Juba Diocese installed six cler-gy and two laity as canons of All Saints Ca-thedral Juba. They have to help the church in carrying out their activities to people and to the church as whole. Our Project Director for the Episcopal University Rev. Dr. Joseph Bi-lal is one of them.

Thank God for the trust the church has on our Project Director. Pray for more wisdom and guidance to him.