Archbishop Daniel Deng Bul Yak


Archbishop Daniel Deng Bul YakArchbishop, Daniel Deng, was elected on February 14th 2008 and was enthroned on 20th April 2008 in Juba.Daniel Deng Bul Yak, bom in 1950 in the Tuic area of Bor County, State of Jongelei, Sudan, was evangelist to Dinka congregations in Khartoum in 1967, received a theological degree from Bishop Gwynne College, Mundri, in 1977, ordained priest in 1978, and served in Port Sudan for 10 years. In Port Sudan, he built up several parishes, teaching, preaching and ministering among people of all tribes and ethnicities, and began evangelism and training programs. He worked in prisons and arm barracks, started chaplaincy programs, opened prayer centers and schools and taught evening classes.

In 1988, he began working in Renk area to evangelize the people; he built the first church in Renk, with the Roman Catholic and Presbyterian churches, and later built the first Episcopal church in Renk Town. In 1995, His Grace became first Diocesan Bishop of Renk, when the area diocese was upgraded to full diocesan status. He came to Virginia Theological Seminary, Alexandria, VA, in 1995-1997, where he received a Diploma in Theology.

When His Grace returned to his Diocese in 1997, he led the Diocese in the development of Renk Basic School, Renk Senior Secondary School, Renk Bible School (now Renk Theological College), four other Basic Schools in the Diocese, and Renk Clinic. He began numerous income-generating projects, including an agriculture scheme and Guesthouse and a restaurant operated by the women of Renk Diocese. He worked with overseas partners for the development of the Diocese, and on February 28, 2006, St. Matthew Cathedral, built with gifts from the Diocese of Virginia, was consecrated by the Most Rev. Dr. Rowan Williams, Archbishop of Canterbury, with partners from VA, Chicago and the UK present.

On January 14, 1998, the Diocese of Renk and St. Michael's Episcopal Church, Barrington, EL (Diocese of Chicago), entered into a Covenant of Relationship, which was reaffirmed March 2, 2006, and continues through support of Renk Theological College. That relationship led to a formal Companion Diocese Relationship with the Diocese of Chicago in 2001. The CDR between Renk and Chicago was extended for a period of five years in November 2006 by resolution of the Diocesan Convention in Chicago, "believing that we are called to be one in the Body of Jesus Christ and recognizing that the love of God in Christ is our common bond, we thank Almighty God for bringing us together as brothers and sisters and commit ourselves to nurturing and sustaining our relationship through prayer, mutual encouragement, and support of one another".

He served the ECS in many capacities, including Secretary of the House of Bishops, and Chairman of the Peace, Justice and Reconciliation Commission, traveling throughout the Province conducting training workshops.

His Grace, Daniel Deng Bul, is married to Mama Deborah Abuk Atem. They have five children and three grandchildren. Mama Deborah leads the Women Aglow International chapter in Sudan, and has always played a supportive role in her husband's ministry.